Accurate, rugged and easy-to-install into your process machinery or equipment


Minco temperature sensor assemblies are accurate, rugged and easy-to-install into your process machinery or equipment. Contact Minco for custom temperature sensor assemblies built for perfect integration into your application.

Product Specifications

  • Standard, easy-to-order sensor assemblies fit a variety of application
  • RTDs, thermocouples, and temperature transmitter options
  • Fittings, connection heads, and thermowells included in the assembly
  • Tip-sensitive, high temperature, explosion/flame proof versions
  • FM, CSA, and ATEX approved models – and more . . .
  • Unique spring-loaded holder ensures proper probe contact in thermowells or blocks

More Information

Tip Sensitive
Fast and accurate readings from bearings, blocks, and other solid
  Direct Immersion
Mount sensors directly in fluid flow for fast response

Protect sensors from the effects of fluid flow and pressure
Rated for hazardous areas where accuracy is critical

   Sanitary Sensors
European connection head with metric or standard thread for global compatibility
Three styles: probe, connection head assembly, thermowell assembly

Industry Information