Temperature Sensing & Control

Unmatched performance, value and reliability


Temperature Sensing & Control

For more than 50 years, Minco has provided temperature sensing solutions for demanding applications where failure is not an option. We understand the requirements of these applications, and deliver unmatched performance, value, reliability and support.  Our sensors have become the industry standard – often copied but never duplicated.

Broad Product Portfolio

Each Minco temperature sensor is built to reduce your total cost of ownership through efficient design, easy installation and reliable operation.  Our experienced engineering team enables us to continuously improve our products and processes. 
We manufacture a variety of standard resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermocouples and thermistors in thousands of different packages like probes, averaging sensors, miniature bearing sensors, stator winding sensors, HVAC/R sensors and more.  In addition, our products are certified to meet applications specific governmental and industry requirements.

Custom Engineered Products

In addition to standard products, our engineering team can work with you to develop new and innovative solutions that deliver increased performance in your specific application.

Integrated Products

Minco’s broad development, integration and assembly capabilities make us more than just a heater supplier.  Our capabilities enable optimal functional and packaging efficiency for your system, as well as greater flexibility for your organization.  We offer:

  • Comprehensive development support
  • Seamless integration with, controllers, heaters, flex circuits and other electronics
  • Broad based assembly


Minco continually improves its products, processes, and services to meet or exceed customer requirements and quality objectives.  Please visit our Quality page to learn more about Minco’s commitment.  In addition, the following specifications may apply to our sensors & instruments products:

  • ATEX Directive 94/9EC Certificate (KEMA 03ATEXQ3160)
  • ATEX Certificate for FG101307 Bushing (Sira 00ATEX1094) ATEX Certificate - MAS6xx/AS8xx Explosionproof Assemblies (KEMA 03ATEX2389)
  • ATEX Certificate for CH356/CH357/CH358 Flameproof Heads (KEMA 03ATEX2388 U)
  • ATEX Certificate for Increased Safety Stator RTDs (KEMA 03ATEX2240 U)
  • ATEX Supplementary EC Type Examination Certificate 1
  • ATEX Supplementary EC Type Examination Certificate 2
  • CSA Certificate for AS7xx Series Assemblies (1350469 LR 78055)
  • FM Approval for AS7xx/AS9xx Series Assemblies (3012833)
  • FM approval for AH7xx/AH88 Series Humidity/Temperature Transmitter and Sensor, explosion proof with intrinsic safety (3024571)
  • FM approval for AH7xx/AH88 Series Humidity/Temperature Transmitter and Sensor with intrinsic safety (3024466)
  • FM approval for AH7xx/AH88 Series Humidity/Temperature Transmitter and Sensor with intrinsic safety for Canadian requirements (3024466C)
  • EC Type Examination Certificate (LCIE 05 ATEX 6038 X) : sensors for Zone 0
  • EC Type Examination Certificate (LCIE 05 ATEX 6039 X) : sensors for Zone 1
  • Production Quality Assessment Notification (LCIE 05 ATEX Q 8016)
  • IEC Certificate for Miniature Sensors to IEC Ex nA
  • ATEX Production Quality Assurance Notification2
  • 3-A Sanitary Standards Certificate for Resistance Temperature Detectors and Thermowells

Sensors & Instruments Design Guide

Click here for a complete guide on sensors and instruments:

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