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Rotating Machinery

Minco is the primary supplier of temperature sensors and instrumentation for the protection and monitoring of rotating equipment. We manufacture stator winding sensors, bearing embedment sensors, bolt-on sensors and flexible Thermal-Ribbon™ sensors that fit seamlessly into existing machinery. Proven quality and reliability have made Minco the standard for temperature sensors and instruments.

Application Examples

Pumps and Compressors

  • Miniature Babbitt bearing sensors are the best indicators of operating conditions at the bearing surface to prevent failure and peripheral damage to internal parts and motors.

Motors and Generators

  • Stator winding RTD sensors for system protection monitor the highest temperature within the stator slot between two formed or random coil windings.
  • Thermal RibbonTM sensors monitors end turn temperature of small or medium low-voltage machines.
  • Tip-sensitive probes seat against the bearings outer race to provide a fast indication of bearing temperature and prevent costly failures.

Turbines and Engines

  • Optimize efficiency through fast and accurate intake temperature monitoring.


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