Medical Implant Devices

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Medical Implant Devices

Manufacturers of electronic devices for medical implants have been counting on Minco's expertise in flex circuit design and manufacturing for more than 30 years. Minco is unparalleled in versatility to meet interconnect requirements from simple circuits to highly integrated circuits complete with Flex-Coils for flux telemetry and recharging, dump resistors, brazed fingers and pins. When you need a highly reliable interconnect solution for your implant device, entrust Minco to work with you to create the optimal, high performance package.

Application Examples

  • Pacemakers, defibrillators (ICD), cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), heart assists (LVAD) - Flex-Coils are wire-wound inductors that Minco integrates with flexible circuits to enable magnetic flux telemetry communication in cardiac devices. Flex-Coils also combine telemetry coils with flexible or Rigid-Flex circuits including optional piezoelectric annunciators for audible alarms.
  • Neurological stimulation implants - Multi-layer flexible circuits allow for the miniaturization of the motherboards for implantable neurostimulators in the brain. The flex circuit inductive coil is used to recharge the power source.
  • Cochlear hearing devices and hearing aids - Flex-Coils communicate from the external component to the internal component of a middle-ear or cochlear hearing device. Rigid-flex motherboards provide signal processing in middle-ear and cochlear implants as well as external hearing aids.
  • Infusion drug pumps - Multilayer and rigid flexible circuits form the backbone in external and internal infusion pumps to deliver a precise, regulated flow of life saving drugs.


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