Medical Diagnostic Equipment

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Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Minco supports multiple segments of the medical diagnostics industry offering flexible heaters, sensors and instruments, flex circuits and integrated products. Contact us to find out why our more than 40 year industry experience designing for In Vivo and In Vitro diagnostic applications will give your application success. Minco offers commercial-off-the-shelf standard products to meet your immediate needs. We also provide custom-made products to meet your unique application specifications and budget requirements.

Application Examples

Medical Laboratories

  • Wire-wound resistance thermometers accurately average temperature across critical surfaces for precise control.
  • Combination heater/sensor/controller/flex circuit maintains accurate fluid temperature in floor standing analyzers.
  • Thin and lightweight etched foil heaters allow the robotics in analyzers to seamlessly move without slowing down transfer time.
  • Etched-foil heaters warm fluid samples and keep them at a constant temperature.
  • Heater wraps entirely around pipettes for intimate coupling and tight temperature control.


  • Flex circuits in a neurological probe locate important nerves so they can be avoided during prostate surgery, lowering the instance of nerve damage during surgery, and resulting in improved patient recovery without negative side effects.
  • Flex circuits within the motor controls of surgical drills used in bone surgeries allow for flexible configuration and space savings to keep the device compact and easy to handle.
  • All-Polyimide heaters in dental surgery instruments provide high watt density heating of polymer cones to fuse and seal the tooth during root canals. The component assembly integrates a surface mount LED, control switches, and an RTD temperature sensor.
  • A heater in post-surgery respiratory devices reliably warms and humidifies air, offering therapeutic value as well as improved patient comfort level.
  • Heaters in IV fluid delivery system feature low mass and total surface coverage to meet the customer's need for reliability and safety.
  • An RTD temperature sensor maintains IV fluids at a consistent 37°C for patient comfort and prevention of thermal shock.
  • Temperature controllers and heaters operate from low voltage DC to eliminate current leakage for added patient safety.

Medical Imaging

  • Polyimide heaters maintain the structure of the scanner at a constant temperature to eliminate expansion/contraction registration errors. They also rapidly introduce heat into the superconducting environment to provide emergency shutdown of the magnetic field, and their small lead-wires minimize the thermal leakage from the cryogenic environment during normal operation.
  • Heaters that are factory mounted to heat sinks and integrated with RTD temperature sensors process output from imaging systems onto dry silver film substrates for highly detailed hard copy used by doctors for analysis.
  • High-density flex circuits offer highly reliable interconnect circuitry between imaging modules rotating within MRI and PET/CT scanning devices.

MD DI Article

Minco has been featured by MD+DI Magazine for Medical Sensors just in time for the MD&M West tradeshow (February 9-11) in Anaheim, CA.

The MD+DI article highlights the multi-channel validation system that allows the operator to quickly and accurately determine whether the diagnostic equipment is functioning properly.

Read the article now!

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