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Minco Defense Applications


Minco engineers have the expertise to design to your thermal, sensing and flex circuitry needs.  Minco has successfully designed thousands of custom solutions for unique military applications, and our components are spread throughout the world.

Application Examples

Helmet Mounted Displays (HMD)

  • Fine-line flex circuits provide high density interconnections to helmet mounted micro-displays.
  • Thin and lightweight flex circuits replace hardboards populated with components to provide three dimensional interconnections in hand-held radios and GPS devices.

Ruggedized Portable Electronic Equipment

  • Thermofoil heaters and integrated heater/temperature sensor/controller warm the LCD screen and hard disk drive in ruggedized computers for cold weather operation.
  • Thermal-Clear heater and integral temperature sensor maintains ambient temperature on LCD screen for optimal performance.

Missile Systems and Guided Munitions

  • Flex circuits provide high current electrical connection in tight spaces between power supply and electrical components.
  • Flex circuits provide critical switching of the safe-arm electromechanical fuse system.
  • Thermofoil heater warms actuator servovalves in launch platforms.


  • Heaters stabilize temperature in various satellite subsystems such as fuel tanks/pipes, engine, electric motors, deployment mechanisms, batteries, electronic and communications modules.
  • Heaters provide critical dumping of excess power from solar panel power generators.
  • Thermal Ribbon sensors fix to accelerometer/gyros for temperature compensation.


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