Fluid Management

Tight temperature control for effective fluid flow

Fluid Management

In fluid management applications, it’s imperative to have efficient use of power, minimal equipment footprint, and the flexibility of multiple functions.  Your heating solutions must get the heat in the area where it is most needed, and provide the temperature outputs that allow the system to compensate for changing fluid flow rates.  That’s what Minco delivers:

  • Profiled and distributed wattage output
  • Thin flexible materials/substrates
  • Proprietary factory mounting techniques

Application Examples

Recent  process control solutions from Minco include:

  • Medical equipment - surgical suite equipment
  • Aerospace – actuators, wing and engine inlet deicing
  • Commercial equipment - rapid 3D prototyping, large format printing

Understanding Your Requirements

Minco will work with you to develop a thermal cycling solution.  To help us understand your specific applications requirements, use the list below as a guideline of what we need to know:

  • Available power budget (wattage)
  • Start temperature
  • Control temperature
  • Ideal temperature ramp up time (seconds)
  • Material and configuration of the mounting surface
  • Available area/space where temperature sensing can occur
  • Broad thermal system needs – see below

Thermal Systems

Minco has the experience, knowledge and capabilities to help you develop a compressive thermal system:

Development Support

  • Knowledgeable engineering staff with extensive thermal cycling experience
  • Finite element analysis enables theoretical modeling rather than experimentation
  • Watt density requirements
  • Material selection
  • Physical design and optimization


  • Temperature sensors
  • Flex circuits
  • Components
  • Heat sinks

Assembly and Construction

  • Single-contact and accountability
  • Broad assembly capabilities
  • Mounting
  • Heater forming – performance and physical

Flexible Heaters Design Guide

Click here for a complete guide on flexible heaters:

Flexible Heater Design Guide

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