Environmental Stability

Maintaining a consistent temperature in extreme environments for reliable performance

Environmental Stability

In extreme environments, it’s critical that your equipment is working and reliable.  When temperatures range from -55°C to 600°C, you need to be assured that your equipment will be accurate and consistent.  That’s what Minco delivers, even in extreme environments:

  • Holds environmental conditions at consistent elevated temperatures
  • Allows commercial ICs, batteries and LCDs to function properly in cold weather environments
  • Meets expanding industry performance specs (-55°C to 600°C)
  • Improves the function and performance of your outdoor device

Application Examples

Recent environmental stability solutions from Minco include:

  • Aerospace - battery applications, cockpit displays and avionics, angle of attack sensors
  • Defense - handheld communications, night vision systems, ruggedized laptops
  • Telecommunications - fiber optic network equipment
  • Communications - cell tower base stations

Understanding Your Requirements

Minco will work with you to develop a thermal cycling solution.  To help us understand your specific applications requirements, use the list below as a guideline of what we need to know:

  • Available power budget (wattage)
  • Start temperature
  • Control temperature
  • Ideal temperature ramp up time (seconds)
  • Material and configuration of the mounting surface
  • Available area/space where temperature sensing can occur
  • Broad thermal system needs – see below

Thermal Systems

Minco has the experience, knowledge and capabilities to help you develop a compressive thermal system:

Development Support

  • Knowledgeable engineering staff with extensive thermal cycling experience
  • Finite element analysis enables theoretical modeling rather than experimentation
  • Watt density requirements
  • Material selection
  • Physical design and optimization


  • Temperature sensors
  • Flex circuits
  • Components
  • Heat sinks

Assembly and Construction

  • Single-contact and accountability
  • Broad assembly capabilities
  • Mounting
  • Heater forming – performance and physical

Flexible Heaters Design Guide

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