Value Added Options

Take advantage of Minco’s wide range of capability to provide a turnkey assembly

Value-Added Options

Minco has decades of experience designing and manufacturing complete flex circuit solutions that make interconnection efficient and affordable. Our value added design options might be exactly what’s needed to make your circuit into a turnkey assembly.

Electronic Assembly

Minco offers Flex assembly that includes  active and passive SMT components as small as 0201. Multiple soldering technologies are available  for soldering leaded components and connectors. All of our soldering personnel are certified to J-STD-001.

Custom & Integrated Components

Minco operates three different product divisions, all coordinated in the same facility for faster, seamless integration that can boost your time-to-market. This makes us unique in our ability to customize and integrate components into turnkey assemblies and complete thermal, sensing and flex circuitry solutions. All of our components can be designed, manufactured, and integrated to perfectly fit your application while providing matched system accuracy.

Additional Options

Connectors can make installation into your application much easier. They can be attached to flex circuits by hand soldering, wave soldering, crimping, or simple insertion with zero insertion force (ZIF) models.
Fingers can be supported or unsupported. Supported fingers are ideal for ZIF connectors mounted on rigid boards. Unsupported fingers can be hot bar soldered or welded to hard circuit boards.

Pins can be inserted separately or ganged in a header. Minco recommends using an FR-4 or polyimide stiffener in pin areas to improve mechanical strength and simplify assembly. Pins can be either parallel or perpendicular to the circuit surface.
Stiffeners can be used in flex circuitry to rigidize pin areas, force a bend line, reinforce solder joints, and enhance much more.

There are many design considerations that go into forming a flex circuit because of the stress caused by the forming. Minco's engineers are available to help you achieve that perfect form, fit and function
  Electronics Population
Do you need bare circuits, palletized and unpopulated circuits, partially populated circuits or fully populated circuits? Minco can help.



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