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Minco Introduces TT463 Series Integrated Sensor/Transmitters

Innovative one-piece design delivers 20% cost reduction for HVAC applications.

Minneapolis, MN, January 11, 2012—Minco, a global provider of flexible heaters, flex circuits, sensors and instruments for advanced applications, today announced its new TT463 Series integrated sensor/transmitters. The new sensors, used in heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) applications to sense the temperature of air streams in ducts and plenums, combine an RTD sensing element with transmitter capability in a single package. The one-piece design is more cost-effective than non-integrated products, reducing costs typically by 20%. It is also simpler to install as it requires less wiring, with power and signal provided through a 4–20 mA current loop connection.

“Our development activities at Minco focus on delivering new products that have a positive impact on our customers’ real-world challenges,” noted Wayne Olson, director of Minco’s sensors & instruments business unit. “By integrating the RTD sensing element and the transmitter in the TT463, we are able to provide our customers with the functionality and performance they require at a significantly reduced cost. The development of the TT463 is a testament to the knowledge and experience of our engineering team, and the value they provide to our customers.”

TT463 Series integrated sensor/transmitters are available now in point sensing, rigid averaging or bendable averaging configurations. Each style can be configured with a variety of insertion lengths, and for a variety of temperature ranges. Transmitters are housed in a standard 0.250” (6.35 mm) OD stainless steel probe casing integrated with a junction box. The integrated technology of the TT463 can also be combined with custom packaging and mounting to meet specific customer requirements.

About Minco 

Minco is a global provider of flexible heaters, flex circuits, sensors and instruments for advanced applications. Its expert engineering services help customers plan and integrate Minco components into their products, delivering proven quality and performance in thousands of applications worldwide.


Marc Walburg | Minco Business Services Manager | | Tel.: 763.586.2918

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