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Minco delivers comprehensive thermal, temperature sensing and control, and flex circuit solutions for medical, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, power generation and other high-reliability applications. The company couples advanced product technologies, expert design and engineering services, and a clear understanding of customer requirements to provide unmatched quality, reliability and performance in thousands of applications worldwide.

Fast Facts

Founded 1956 
Organization Privately held
Headquarters Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Worldwide employees 600+
President and CEO Dana Schurr
Offering Heaters, flex circuits, sensors and instruments, integrated products, assembly
Customers and markets   Medical implants, medical diagnostics, aerospace, defense, semiconductor, power generation, oil and gas, rotating machinery, building automation, industrial and commercial


Regional Centers

Minco has an established infrastructure around the world to support the growing needs of our global customer base.  Our key regional centers include:

  • Minco Global Headquarters - Minneapolis, MN USA
  • Minco Europe - Aston, France
  • Minco Asia Pacific - Singapore
  • Minco China - Beijing, China
  • Minco Japan - Tokyo, Japan

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Guiding Principles

  • Mission – Through the commitment of our employees Minco designs and manufactures innovative flexible circuits, heaters, sensors, instruments and integrated products that maximize the reliability and performance of our customers’ products.
  • Vision – We will be a profitable and growing manufacturer of critical components for global medical, industrial, military and aerospace applications with a dynamic work environment that provides opportunities for personal growth and development.
  • Values – In our relationships with our customers, suppliers, fellow employees and other stakeholders, Minco is committed to living out our icare values of integrity, communication, accountability, respect and energy.
  • Quality – Minco continually improves its products, processes, and services to meet or exceed customer requirements and quality objectives.


Minco believes effective leadership is vital to enabling us to meet our customers’ requirements.  To this end, we have assembled a strong, experienced Leadership Team to guide the company.  We have also established a leadership training program to help develop leadership skills across the company.  Our goal is to lead by example, treating our employees, suppliers, partners and customers with respect.


Minco is a global provider of advanced flex circuits, heaters, sensors and instruments for demanding applications.  We also offer the unmatched ability to design and assemble these products into a single integrated component, coupled with broad assembly capabilities, so you can achieve the highest degree of functionality and packaging efficiency.  To help develop comprehensive solutions for our customers, we establish strong working relationships with customer design engineering teams to share our component knowledge and experience.

Customers and Markets

Minco supports customers across a variety of markets, all of which have demanding requirements for quality, reliability and performance.  Our experience in each of our market areas enables us to understand their unique requirements and what it takes to meet them.  Primary markets served include:

  • Medical implants
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Semiconductor
  • Power generation
  • Oil and gas
  • Rotating machinery
  • Building automation
  • Industrial and commercial


Minco was incorporated on October 2, 1956 as an engineering firm, designing and building precision electromechanical devices on a subcontract basis.  In 1958, the company decided to concentrate on the development of proprietary products.  One of the first efforts was flexible wire-wound temperature sensors for aerospace guidance systems, which led quickly to the development of flexible heaters, introduced by Minco in 1960.

Also during the 1960s, the temperature sensor line was expanded to include industrial probes, bearing sensors, and stator sensors.  Minco soon established a strong position as a supplier to large machinery manufacturers and energy management system contractors.  The company’s heater product line also expanded into commercial and medical applications.

In 1974, the company adapted its precision etching and laminating expertise to the manufacture of flexible printed circuits.  These first circuits served as interconnects in cardiac pacemakers.  Flex circuit technology was in its infancy at the time, and Minco quickly gained a reputation as a top manufacturer of circuits for critical aerospace and medical electronic applications.  Temperature instruments (transmitters, meters, controllers, and alarms) were also added in the 1970s to complement Minco's temperature sensors and heaters.

Over the past three decades, new product development and market expansion has continued.  More recent product line additions include optically-clear heaters, HDI and rigid-flex circuits, isolated temperature transmitters, and high temperature RTD elements.

Throughout our history, Minco has always emphasized long-term relationships with its customers.  This dedication to our customers has enabled us to experience an exceptional record of stability and sustained growth.  This strength allows us to invest in the resources and capabilities necessary to ensure our ability to address our customers’ ever advancing requirements.

Dan Powley

Dan Powley, Operations Manager

"I work at Minco because I really like my job and the challenges we face every day.   Each challenge presents an opportunity for improvement and we look for ways to do things better and prevent recurrence.  My entire professional career has been with Minco and I am a loyal part of this corporation."